Team Adventure


Team Adventure is for boys aged 8-10 years (yr 4-6).

Programme includes Crafts, Hobbies, Games, Christian education and many other exciting activities.

Our programme focuses on Fun, Adventure and Learning.
We do this by offering a wide range of activities.
During the Summer terms we focus on outdoor activities, for example: rafting on the river, sand castles at the beach, water rockets.
In the Winter terms we run a programme in the hall of games, hand crafts, cooking and computers.

Come and try us out!

Photos from our Summer programme.

Team Adventure off roadingTeam Adventure Beach Games Team Adventure Go carts
Team adventure Cart 2Team Adventure Rafting GamesCanoesTeam Adventure River rafting Team Adventure Water Rockets

Photos from our Winter programme

Team Adventure Wood crafts Team Adventure fall in craft
games Team Adventure figure marching



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