Company Xtreme

Company Xtreme is for boys ages 11 to19 years (yr 7-13).

Programme in the winter months includes games, hobbies, crafts, team building and many other activities.

Past classes have included cooking classes, phys. ed. class, drill, citizenship, wildlife, conservation, assembling computers, making musical instruments, camping, motor engineering and aquarium building.

In the summer months we do outdoor activities. These may include mountain biking, canoeing, swimming, tide fights, firing hydropneumatic rockets, off-roading, boating and wide games.

Refer to the programme section below to see what we are currently doing.

If what you see interests you, then come and try us out for a few nights.

Summer programme photos

Company Xtreme CartingCompany Xtreme park gamesCompany Xtreme Carting. Rocket cart.
Company Xtreme Raftingoff roadingCompany Xtreme camping biviball games Company Xtreme Waipira Swimming holeCompany Xtreme  camp river damsCompany Xtreme Otira Camp cookingCompany Xtreme camp cooking fire cooking

Winter programme photos

Company Computer classCompany Xtreme class Stone cavingclassesindoor bowelsCompany Xtreme DrillCompanyt Xtreme games
electronics class, flasher unitcooking classes company sectionModel made with recycled materials


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